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The Living Shaman Museum is a nonprofit project of the Spirited Medicine Alliance, in collaboration with Inquiring Systems, Inc. (ISI) as its fiscal sponsor. Founded in 1978, ISI is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation that has provided services to 3,650 nonprofit and NGO organizations in 32 countries. Ninety percent of donations go directly to benefit projects.


To shamans and indigenous people prayer is more than words but rather a way of living life itself. For example, shaman who grow, respect, and use medicinal plants to heal others believe this trusted inter-relationship with the medicinal plants is in itself a prayer. The shaman needs the plants, and the plants need the shaman—it’s a sacred reciprocal relationship. All is done in the spirit of prayer. Shamans’ actions are prayer—it’s a perspective on life itself. Prayer is a profoundly personal and sacred orientation to the world. Yes, prayers are also spoken. One is not better than the other. Prayer is also lived, and acted out—in this way one becomes the prayers.

"The power of a shaman is known by their work in the world" -Rufino, Bolivian Aymara Shaman
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