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The Living Shaman Museum is a nonprofit project of the Spirited Medicine Alliance, in collaboration with Inquiring Systems, Inc. (ISI) as its fiscal sponsor. Founded in 1978, ISI is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation that has provided services to 3,650 nonprofit and NGO organizations in 32 countries. Ninety percent of donations go directly to benefit projects.


To raise awareness and educate on the many gifts of the Amazon from the natural and spiritual worlds; and to empower the people of the Amazon and the world to conserve these gifts. Living Amazon Projects are the work of the Living Shaman Museum.


Shamans have, in their practices and principles, always been healers of the sick and keepers of the forest. Their responsibilities are to look after the wellbeing of both Mankind and Mother Nature.

“The power of a shaman is known by their work in the world,” says Bolivian Aymara shaman Rufino. To that end, as needs arise for appropriate action to assist humankind and in conscious stewardship of nature, all shamans and supporters of shamanic principles are called to act.

Board Of Directors

Jonathan Kalman

A physicist by training; Managing Partner of Jaguar Capital Partners, a private equity firm that invests in software and business services with international holdings.

Sage Lewis, BS, Art Ed Certificate

Owner of Dancing Porcupine: Soulful Solutions for People and Pets; 20 years apprenticing and teaching Shamanism worldwide; facilitates spiritual adventures and apprenticeships. Author of two books on the connection between people, pets, the planet and the magic between. With LSM in the Amazon, facilitates: dog training, eco-art teaching, and Amazon Earth Day tree-planting.

Jane Foote, EdD, MSN, RN.

Associate Professor of graduate nursing, Winona State University; Holistic nurse, proponent of diversity, international experience, and indigenous healing practices in nursing and healthcare; advocate of the integration of clinical reasoning, other ways of knowing, and shamanic wisdom into western modern medicine practices.


Stanley Krippner, PhD

Renowned Faculty at Saybrook Institute in San Francisco; internationally noted researcher and author on Shamanic traditions worldwide.

Jurgen Kremer, PhD

Faculty at Saybrook Institute, California Institute of Integral Studies, and Santa Rosa Junior College; ReVision journal editor; and Director for the Society of Shamanism Healing and Transformation.

Daniel Solomon

Former Public Relation Specialist for Gallo Wine, previous New York-Madison Avenue advertising Experience, and current nonprofit marketing advisor.


Project Executive Director: Connie Grauds

Connie Grauds, RPh, MNPA, is President of the Association of Natural Medicine Pharmacists; Adjunct Faculty at the University of Minnesota, Center for Spirituality and Healing; serves on the Heffter Research Institute Special Advisory Board; and is author of Jungle Medicine, The Energy Prescription and Amazon Speaks. Connie has spent over 20 years apprenticing in shamanism the jungles of Peru; is the Co-Founder for the Living Shaman Museum, and serves on the Board of Directors.

"The power of a shaman is known by their work in the world" -Rufino, Bolivian Aymara Shaman
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