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Sacred Circles


Have you ever thought about the healing power of a circle?

Yes. The Circle, the beautiful shape that it is.

Do you ever notice cyclical patterns in your life?

Did you know our bodies are made up of trillions of cellular circles? And a flower’s body structure too?

And the shape a droplet of water holds…

The circle is simple in its structure, however, the balance that it holds, the power of the shape, and the frequency in which circles show up in universal history beckons us to examine them.

Balance is the key to the healing power of the circle. Its energy flows uninhibited – each side of the circle holds its structure so the other can continue. Indigenous cultures have also recognized the weight of this pattern, and Shamanic healers often utilize the medicine wheel as a tool to emphasize the cyclical balance of life. From the all encompassing representation of birth, youth, elder, and death, to the more personal balancing act of spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical. If one area is getting too much or too little attention, then the wheel is not in harmony.  And also, if all factors of the wheel are at equilibrium then we will witness the true power a circle can hold.

Can you imagine the immense Power of the moon? Its gravitational pull forces the tides of our oceans, the atmospheric weather patterns, female reproductive cycles, and the lifeblood of animals and plants alike. It can even pull at our emotional heart stings for the night.  Where does the moon get its power? The moons power comes from its center, where the gravitational pull starts. The moon and other stars, suns, planets are so massive that over time and continuous orbit they are rounded out into the only shape their gravitational pull can sustain; a sphere. The universe hangs in the balance of these shapes all around us, and we must acknowledge them and hopefully draw some of this spherical power into our own lives. Next time you hold a round stone, think about the fact that it is not big enough to have its own gravitational field, but that it does have its own energy, a power that, like gravity, starts at its core. Feel it.

The Frequency in which this shape emerges in our world can have exponential effects on its power and presence.  The frequency of many circles can represent growth, like the rings on a tree adding with each year, or cellular growth where one circle begets another until they have created something completely different and unique all together.  The phenomenon of frequency could mean many things but most importantly we should be aware of it.  If cyclical symbols show up in your life as common synchronicities, then stop, and take note of their power and importance. If cyclical patterns keep emerging in your life, then understand that the frequency of them affect many other aspects of your world.

My aim is not just to praise this basic and elementary shape, but also to call attention to it. If you find a pattern in your life that is out of balance, return to your center. Let us understand that patterns are often cyclical, that we can gain power from them or they can put pressure on us. I imagine my own wellness as a circle, or a wheel, or a sphere. A balance of all patterns and elements in my life orbiting around my core, and when in perfect harmony I am that powerful, I hold the power of the moon.

With this New Year, new cycle, and fresh start, how will you align with your center? How will you gravitate wellness to your core?



2 Responses to “Sacred Circles”

  1. Cathy says : Reply

    What a perfect way to start the new year.
    A lovely reminder to re-center and honor the patterns encircling my life.

    And to read it on the day the moon is full too!!!
    May we all receive the healing in these words.
    Ashé Aho Amen

  2. Lauren says : Reply

    I like the blend of spiritual with physical properties in this blog. The weaving of earth-universal forces with our own psycho-spiritual. Integrated.

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