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Labyrinth Walk…Sacred Spiral to illuminate the Inner Path

Holy Path to Wholeness

Labyrinth Walk...Sacred Spiral to Illuminate the Inner Path

Saturday, September 27th, 2014

Meet-up between 3:30-4PM at the Land’s End Public Rest Building,. We leave together as a group at 4PM sharp to hike the mile-long trail to the Labyrinth. Wear tennis shoes/boots for the hike, there are lots of stairs also. Wear outdoor coast clothing.

Lands End Labyrinth, San Francisco Park at Lands End parking lot behind the Cliff House at Point Lobos Avenue and 48th Avenue. For more info, visit this link:'s_End_Labyrinth/

Love-Donations welcomed

Weather permitting. Should San Francisco outdoor coastal weather fog and cold set in, we will post a "to be rescheduled due to weather" notice on the website here at 12noon on the 27th"

Labyrinth Walk...Sacred Spiral to illuminate the Inner Path

For some 4000 years, circular and spiral paths have been used as decoration and art. The Labyrinth has also been a mythical symbol of wholeness used in ancient Greek, Cretan, Italian, Egyptian, and Christian times.

As a symbol of wholeness, the ancient practice of circling-to-the-center by walking the labyrinth was fundamental to many cultures and spiritual traditions. As a spiritual tool, the labyrinth is a metaphorical model of the purposeful pathway of life or a spiritual journey to the inner path.

Walking the Labyrinth is many things to many people. It is a walking meditation, it stills and clears the mind to give insight. It is a prayer circle, It calms people in the throes of life’s transitions. It is a pilgrimage to the inner-self and the god-head within.

There is a hidden Labyrinth at Eagle’s Point, constructed by local San Francisco artist Eduardo Aguilera. This Labyrinth at Land’s End is one of the most spectacular vistas in San Francisco, overlooking the water’s expanse to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Bring your prayers and your open heart. Join us on the Holy Path to Wholeness!