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The Living Shaman Museum is a nonprofit project of the Spirited Medicine Alliance, in collaboration with Inquiring Systems, Inc. (ISI) as its fiscal sponsor. Founded in 1978, ISI is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation that has provided services to 3,650 nonprofit and NGO organizations in 32 countries. Ninety percent of donations go directly to benefit projects.

Fundraiser Workshop

Saturday, February 15, 2014

9-12 noon

Pacific Room at the Presidio

Event Recap

Participants took creative, unique, and experimental time out to express what they held dear in a fun, easy and memorable way. We used recycled plastic bottles as the base. Then we applied a variety of art materials such as twigs, feathers, wire and lace to the bases.

Hearts can hold messages, intentions, wishes and other important pieces inside, while the exterior is covered with various papers.

Participants were guided every step of the way. After the class, we evaluated our Healing Hearts and spoke about the creative process.

Miss this event? No worries, sign up for another of Jennifer Ewing or Mark Wangberg's workshops at our Events Page

Jennifer Ewing

As a life-long artist she started her practice early, and continued to develop her talents and career by teaching, illustrating and painting after college. She owns a mural painting business for over 20 years, and currently teaches at the San Francisco Fine Arts Museums and the Contemporary Jewish Museum. Jennifer is a recent artist-in-residence at the deYoung Museum with her Spirit Boats, and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco has featured her Spirit Boats also.

Mark Wangberg

Mark Wangberg, MFA, is an artist, published poet, creative writer and teacher. With a bachelor's degree in Art and Art Education, and a master's degree in Book Arts and Printmaking, Mark has taught art education for over 20 years. Mark has served as Artist-In-Residence across many schools in the US. Internationally, Mark has taught art and creative writing to children and adults in Nigeria. Ghana, and Peru. Mark is Art and Education Director for the Living Shaman Museum.

"The power of a shaman is known by their work in the world" -Rufino, Bolivian Aymara Shaman
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