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The Living Shaman Museum is a nonprofit project of the Spirited Medicine Alliance, in collaboration with Inquiring Systems, Inc. (ISI) as its fiscal sponsor. Founded in 1978, ISI is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation that has provided services to 3,650 nonprofit and NGO organizations in 32 countries. Ninety percent of donations go directly to benefit projects.

Healing Spirt Boats Gallery Exhibition

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Thursday, February 13, 2013

5-8 pm

China Brotsky Art Gallery at the Presidio

The Event

The sun set colorfully for all to see at the China Brotsky Art Gallery in the Presidio. It was the opening of the Living Shaman Museum and gallery exhibition featuring the art of Jennifer Ewing. Windows lined the gallery corridor, allowing natural light to flood the space. Hanging in front of the windows and catching all the light were Healing Spirit Boats, the creations of Jennifer Ewing, recent artist-in-residence at the de Young Museum. It was around five-thirty, and someone pointed to the window and said, “Look at the boats hanging in the window, with the sun setting behind them, they look like they are floating in the sky.” The sky was a beautiful backdrop for the boats, which gently swayed back and forth. Their dark silhouettes against the orange and blue sky gave the illusion that they were floating amongst the clouds, journeying to another dimension.

Everyone documents their journey in different ways. Some document their journey through art, some through photography or writing. Jennifer Ewing uses the metaphor of the Spirit Boat to show her life’s progress and to show other people how they too can express themselves.

Jennifer Ewing

Jennifer Ewing calls herself a “Spiritboatist” as the metaphor of one-who-is-on-the-boat-journey to honor her ancestors. Spirit Boats are about transformation and her universal journey shared through drawings, paintings, sculptures, printmaking and workshops. As a life-long artist she started her practice early, and continued to develop her talents and career by teaching, illustrating and painting after college. She owns a mural painting business for over 20 years, and currently teaches at the San Francisco Fine Arts Museums and the Contemporary Jewish Museum. Jennifer is a recent artist-in-residence at the deYoung Museum with her Spirit Boats, and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco has featured her Spirit Boats also. Her website is http://www.jenniferewing.com/

"The power of a shaman is known by their work in the world" -Rufino, Bolivian Aymara Shaman
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