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The Living Shaman Museum is a nonprofit project of the Spirited Medicine Alliance, in collaboration with Inquiring Systems, Inc. (ISI) as its fiscal sponsor. Founded in 1978, ISI is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation that has provided services to 3,650 nonprofit and NGO organizations in 32 countries. Ninety percent of donations go directly to benefit projects.

Grand Opening

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Grand Opening

Thursday, February 13, 2014

5-8 pm

Presidio (See location and directions below)


The Living Shaman Museum headquarters office is located in San Francisco’s historic Presidio, within the Thoreau Center for Sustainability.

Dedicated to social, cultural and environmental sustainability, Thoreau Centers are named after the American writer and naturalist Henry David Thoreau. As America’s first notable naturalist, Thoreau believed in the importance of democracy and advocated living in harmony with nature.
The Presidio, located in San Francisco, California – with its stunning vistas, beautiful grounds, historic buildings, iconic location, and compelling history— is part of the National Park system.
The Living Shaman Museum is pleased to be located at 1008 General Kennedy Avenue, in one of the 12 Presidio environmentally sustainable buildings, with over 60 other nonprofits working for a healthy environment and a just world.

Location and Directions

China Brotsky Art Gallery at the Presidio. Enter through front door at 1016 Torney Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94129. Or park in back lot on Edie Road (between General Kennedy Avenue and Girard Road) and enter through the back door tucked in the corner of the building (you will see lights and the art display through the windows from the parking lot). See mapquest link for directions: Click Here For MapQuest Directions

Grand Opening Recap

Our Living Shaman Museum Grand Opening and Healing Spirit Boats Art Exhibit events were attended by some 200 people...a great success, and homage to the Living Spirit of Shamanism today!

Below are the Living Shaman Museum's Executive Staff enjoying the moonlight of the Spirit Boats:

Connie Grauds, RPh, MNPS...Executive Project Director

Mark Wangberg, MFA...Director of Art and Outreach Education

"The power of a shaman is known by their work in the world" -Rufino, Bolivian Aymara Shaman
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